Inspecta Homes Services - Selling

If you are planning on selling your property, why not call Inspecta Homes and get us to identify any problems, pests or potential defects with your home before it goes on the market. We can carry out Pre Sale Building and Pest Inspections in Newcastle, the Hunter Valley, Lake Macquarie and Port Stephens.

Every building has one problem or another, by enlisting Inspecta Homes to carry out a Pre Sale Building and Pest Inspection you will be made aware of any potential issues with your property and have the benefit of rectifying problems before prospective buyers view your property. You will also be familiar with these issues if they are raised by a purchaser, and be familiar with the negotiation value of these defects.

Just like our Pre Purchase inspections our Pre Sale Building Inspections are a non-invasive visual assessment of accessible areas of the property and comply with AS4349.1- 2007 or AS4349.0-2007 for commercial properties. We inspect and report on the interior, exterior, roof voids, sub floors, out buildings, fences and retaining walls within the boundaries of the property. The reports will clearly state what aspects of the property we have been unable to access, and may recommend further investigation.

Our Pre Sale Pest Inspections comply with AS4349.3-2010 and comprise a non-invasive visual assessment of accessible areas of the property. The inspection will report on the discovery or non-discovery of subterranean and Damp Wood Termites (white ants), Borers of seasoned timber, and Wood Decay Fungi (rot) and or any visible damage that may have been caused by these timber pests. You can also upgrade your Pre Sale Pest Inspection to include infrared thermal imaging if required.

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