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Buying a home, investment property or commercial premises is easily the largest financial decision you will ever make. It is important to be assured that there are no unforeseen existing or potential defects in a property before you purchase. Inspecta Homes can complete both Building and Pest Inspections, and offer extremely competitive rates for combined report packages. We aim to provide fast turnaround from instruction to completion, subject to access and payment, and encourage you to contact us once you have received your report to ensure the information presented is fully understood before you make the decision to purchase.

Our Building Inspections are a non-invasive visual assessment of accessible areas of the property and comply with AS4349.1-2007or AS4349.0-2007 for commercial properties. We inspect and report on the interior, exterior, roof voids, sub floors, out buildings, fences and retaining walls within the boundaries of the property. The reports will clearly state what aspects of the property we have been unable to access, and may recommend further investigation.

Understandably, the presence or absence of termite activity and/or damage within a home is often one of the greatest concerns for purchasers. Our Pest Inspections comply with AS4349.3-2010 and comprise a non-invasive visual assessment of accessible areas of the property. The inspection will report on the discovery or non-discovery of subterranean and Damp Wood Termites (white ants), Borers of seasoned timber, and Wood Decay Fungi (rot) and or any visible damage that may have been caused by these timber pests. The reports contain a full colour photograph of the property, concise summary, information on termites, borers and wood decay fungi, photographs illustrating any discovery of timber pests and photographs from the thermal imager, if a thermal imaging inspection was requested. The Thermal Imager is a camera-like device that can detect and display differences in thermal (temperature) patterns within a structure. Infrared Inspection is an extremely powerful, non-intrusive tool that is designed to identify and assess termite activity within poorly accessible and concealed areas, such as within wall frames, roof voids and under floors. The Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera adds valuable information on hard to see areas to a Visual Pest Inspection and allows us to assess areas that were previously impossible to access without removing wall linings and finishes.

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