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As qualified building inspectors we have comprehensive experience in providing Dilapidation Reports, Building Defect Reports, Insurance Assessments, and Construction Progress Reports to builders, developers and insurance companies.

Building Defect Reports are carried out on a property when you are concerned about a particular aspect or issue such as a crack in a wall, leaking shower, low pitched roof tiles, site drainage, cracked brickwork, leaning retaining walls or termite damage. We can arrange a site visit to assess the area of concern and provide a complete written report of the issues that require addressing to rectify the area(s) of concern.

Inspecta Homes have completed thousands of Dilapidation Reports in Newcastle and the Hunter Region for a wide range of customers. Dilapidation reports diarise any signs of movement and/or other defects in a property that may occur during or as a result of adjacent building work, construction or activity. We can arrange a site visit to assess the property and provide a written report of the issues that are present at the time of inspection. A dilapidation report can make all parties aware of existing defects within a property prior to any building works being carried out, and can reduce the chance of any discrepancies between neighbouring properties once all works have been completed.

If you are building a new home or property, Construction Progress Inspection Reports are designed to inspect each stage of your construction to ensure that your builders are building to an acceptable quality and standard of finish. This also ensures that you are presented with a quality home free of defects, and any unacceptable building issues are addressed at the time of construction when it is possible to correct them in a cost efficient and timely manner. Some defects become difficult and sometimes impossible to correct if they are left to project completion to address.

We can also carry out a Final Inspection or Handover Inspection, if you don't require that every stage of your construction is to be inspected. These reports are completed just prior to taking possession of a newly constructed property, in order to identify any outstanding issues and get them addressed by the builder before you sign off and take ownership.

If your home has been subjected to a natural disaster, such as a severe storm, fire or flood, Inspecta Homes can complete a damage report or Insurance Assessment for your insurance company. We can identify the damage that has occurred; the reason or reasons for the issues are present and suggest remedial works to rectify the damage.

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